Automaton Museum

Recently I visited France and cycled the Nauntes Brest canal. On my rout I saw a lot of amazing things but one of the most impressive was the automaton museum in Lisio.

The museum was more of an art expedition. My French is very poor and with my ‘trei mal’ knowledge I missed a lot of the information regarding the artist and their motives. But it was clear they had a lot of interest in recycling materials and green energy. The artists works were outstanding and I was incredibally amused by the slightly more comedic prices and moved by other.

I will try to talk a little about each peice and what I thought it meant. My photographs are very low quality as I was more interested in seeing with my own eyes at the time. 

Here is my mother and partner standing by the drum basses wind mill. This is one of the larger outerstructures, which for the most part all seem to be about green energy and architecture. Though it interests me a lot architecture is one of the arts I know least about. The bass of the building was made from cob and stones. 

This building , also made from what seems to be cob, was one of several in a row which were tops turvy like something from a children’s book. To me this one is more like an observatory, the one two it’s left had a bucket on a chain as if for reaching down into the water.


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