Final Major Project year one, Research

Folk law

Recently I have been catching up on the stories of the saints, (saint Michael, Saint George…) Although I am less sure about using them as a basis for my story and development, I have enjoyed reading them and definitely intend to create some animations of folk law.

Once I have fine tuned my skills some more, I would like to animate some of the traditional Irish folk laws as well. I read the book, ‘King of Ireland’s Son’, which is in my opinion gripping and full of excellent drama as well as a good taste of Irish history. king of irland's son

I also read Pat O’shea’s book, ‘The Hounds of the Morrigan’. I have read this one many a time before, it has always devoured me. This book focuses on the relationship between two siblings when faced with a fantastical journey through Irish folk law.

I think that I will take a lot of inspiration from this book when I come to animating.

the hounds of the morrigan


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