Blog the week, Final Major Project year one

FMP Week 9

This week I discovered a fast and efficient way of layering facial features to be adaptable. By layering the eyebrows, eyes and lips I could manipulate these to create expressions without having to necessarily re-draw them. The result of which I don’t think I will have time to include in my FMP before the deadline, but intend to use anyway. I have full intention at this stage to finish my animation to whatever level of standard I desire, after my deadline. Before then I will make a show-reel of the most beautiful scenes.

I began this by editing together the first sequence. This sequence is from the beginning of my animation. I would like it to remain very open to interpretation; I hope that the view can fabricate their own idea of what actually happens, the way a child would imagine a scenario if they were not told the full story.

My personal view of this scene is that Michael, the older of the two brothers, is awake in the night. He walks with his candle to his mother’s bedroom, but what he sees is alike to a pig hanging before the axe.

(After this sequence Michael was to wake up his brother and run away with him. The only explanation he would give for their leaving would be that the world was sick. Firdaws would believe this answer and flee with him. )

I created several different versions of this opening sequence, varying only slightly with sound and order. I had also a cut with a man growing wings, but decided that if I could not explain the relevance of this even slightly later in my animation, it wasn’t worth it. I think that the wing was to stunning to not be a main focus and it’s appearance in the first scene would leave the viewer looking for it later in the story.

In my second edit I included the scene of Michael and Firdaws leaving the house and then cut straight to them on the beach. The scene with a cave is from the end of my story. After fleeing from their house the boys go to the coast where they hope to board a magical boat to heaven. The boat doesn’t come and so the two brothers were to shout their poem into the earth’s ear, (the cave).

This poem which would be referenced throughout the story was supposed to be a healing spell, which eventually would save the earth from it’s sickness.

My intentions with narration was to have the words written on the screen, alike to a silent movie.

I also learnt the importance of keeping my character’s feet positioned in the right place. I created a very jerky walk-cycle after which I started to crate custom grids for each animation. I also made these grids on a red background so that they would help me to see any small scraps of picture I had not erased from around the outside of the animation.

This particular grid shows the eye level, centre of gravity, (here we can see he is slightly behind this, the lengthways line, because he is lunging his step forwards) elbow hight/hip level, knee hight and ground.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.31.58


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