Automaton Museum

Recently I visited France and cycled the Nauntes Brest canal. On my rout I saw a lot of amazing things but one of the most impressive was the automaton museum in Lisio. The museum was more of an art expedition. My French is very poor and with my 'trei mal' knowledge I missed a lot … Continue reading Automaton Museum


The Result

My final major project has allowed me to experiment and learn through mistakes. I have really enjoyed mixing media in this animation; I created the music as well as visuals and used some live action video and photos. I have learnt how to create walk cycles and hand drawn animation. This video only has a … Continue reading The Result

Folk law

Recently I have been catching up on the stories of the saints, (saint Michael, Saint George...) Although I am less sure about using them as a basis for my story and development, I have enjoyed reading them and definitely intend to create some animations of folk law. Once I have fine tuned my skills some … Continue reading Folk law

FMP Week 9

This week I discovered a fast and efficient way of layering facial features to be adaptable. By layering the eyebrows, eyes and lips I could manipulate these to create expressions without having to necessarily re-draw them. The result of which I don't think I will have time to include in my FMP before the deadline, … Continue reading FMP Week 9